Mission and Vision

Our Vision

We envision a growing spiritual family of people, multicultural and intergenerational, where the beauty of Christ is reflected in transformed lives as we love and serve together.

We envision a church continuing to grow in gospel grace, being renewed by the Holy Spirit as the Word of God is clearly proclaimed, as people pray in the Spirit and as people are connected in small group relationships.

We envision a church that joyfully shares in word and deed the gospel grace they have received, as they pray for and take opportunities with those around them, following the leading of the Holy Spirit as God brings His Kingdom throughout the world.

We envision a church that, as the Lord provides, utilizes buildings and property to accomplish this vision by providing a location for worship, teaching, fellowship, and outreach that serves the church and the community for God’s glory.

Our Mission (How we will achieve our vision)

The mission of CCC is to make disciples of Jesus Christ who grow in faith, love and hope, and to engage one another and the surrounding world with God’s gospel of grace. (see Matthew 28:19-20)